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Mancave for Men - Coming Soon

This luxury modern barber shop is decorated with aged wood trimmings, leather-and-chrome barber chairs, and works with products exclusively designed for men. Mancave offers their clientele a variety of services, each of which are tailored to meet the needs and expectations of even the most demanding man. At Mancave for Men, each client can enjoy haircuts, hot shaves, manicures, pedicures, and massages all while enjoying a cold glass of beer.

The Lash Lounge - Now Open!

Lash Lounge is the go-to spot for all your lash and eyebrow needs. Here you will work directly with their expertly trained professional stylists to design a lash look completely customized to you that best complements your face, lifestyle, and desired look. Their lash extensions are 100% lush and 100% safe made of a premium synthetic material that undergoes a double heat-roll process to ensure a long-lasting, beautiful curl.

Silver Mirror Facial Bar - Now Open!

As the original facial bar founded in 2016, Silver Mirror has been changing the skincare game since its inception. By fusing state-of-the-art medspa technology with the mastery and dedication of world-class estheticians, their 30- & 50-minute facial treatments adapt to your skin’s unique needs and create an experience of unrivaled luxury.

[Solidcore] - Now Open!

[solidcore] is a renowned fitness studio that offers a distinct and intense exercise experience through its signature Pilates-inspired workout method. Known for its low-impact, high-intensity approach, [solidcore] classes focus on slow and controlled movements performed on specialized resistance-based machines called “Sweatlana.” Participants engage in a full-body workout that emphasizes muscle engagement and time under tension, resulting in a challenging and effective workout that can lead to improved posture, flexibility, and core strength.

Rumble Boxing Gym - Coming Soon

Rumble Boxing Gym is a dynamic fitness concept that merges high-intensity boxing workouts with an energetic atmosphere. Catering to both fitness enthusiasts and beginners, Rumble Boxing offers engaging group classes led by experienced trainers that combine boxing techniques, cardio exercises, and strength training in a music-driven environment.